This year 七夕节 Qixi falls on 14 August (Saturday). What makes this year’s Qi Xi extra special is that the story of Qi Xi Festival, 牛郎织女 (the cowherd and the weaver girl) resonates strongly with what we are going through this year. 织女 is a girl who came from the heavens and fell in a forbidden love with 牛郎 on Earth. The emperor of Heaven was angry when he found out about it and separated the two and only allowed them to meet once a year. Their love story touched the birds 喜鹊 (magpies). The magpies form a bridge between heaven and Earth for 牛郎 and 织女 to meet every year. This year’s Qi Xi, we are once again separated and not allowed to meet due to the lockdown restrictions, but distance is what makes the hearts grow fonder. As we look forward to the next time we meet again, why not send surprise flowers to our loved ones?

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Elegance Box (Pink)
Elegance Box (Red)

Elegance Flower Box

Elegance Bouquet (Pink)
Elegance Bouquet (Red)

Elegance Flower Bouquet

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Andromeda Flower Bouquet 仙女座

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Juju Dried Flower Bouquet

Minimalist Pink Rose - Crepe Pink
Minimalist Pink Rose - White

Minimalist Pink Rose Flower Bouquet


Sanctuary Preserved Blue Rose Globe

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Leah Dried Flower Bouquet

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Fleurine Dried Flower Bouquet

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Nelly Dried Flower Bouquet

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Bubu The Unicorn Preserved Flower Glass Globe

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Priscilla Dried Flower Bouquet